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My special Rick Steves lightweight luggage arrived yesterday~ it’s awesome! The carryon is larger than I expected, so I’m not stressing as much over what I’ll be able to pack.  Shoutout to vacationslut for purchasing it.  I also got My citiguides for Bangkok and Singapore.  I’ve not had much time to do more than just flip through them, but they look great.  Reading
princesslyne’s journal about her recent travels has been such a pleasure~ check them out if you’ve not already done so, She just posted some great pics from Egypt and Europe.  There are still a few odds and ends that need to be purchased for My trip, so either keep the cash flowing or check out My amazon wishlist.


  1. goddessprey

    Mistress, do you intend on updating lj during your travels as well? Naturally, I also loved the opportunity to read Princess Lyne’s travel logs. Except for some initial problems accessing the lj site and seeing updates, I think she would have blogged even more, so if you do want to do this, you might want to do some tests before you leave. She constantly surprises me, I had no idea she was so fearless and resourceful. And it was a comfort to know that she had arrived in each city or was safely on the train, etc.

    • misspinkygalore

      good question
      I would very much like to do that, I don’t have one of those snazzy phones w/internet access, so , lol, unless someone buys Me one, I’ll be relying on internet cafes. I’m not exactly technologically advanced, ha! I’m just NOW utilizing My Ipod that I’ve had for 2 years~ loading music on it as I type this. I’ve got literally thousands of cds to upload.. ugh.

  2. you’re crazy
    …but that’s what I like about you. I still cannot believe you are going there with just a carry on… not even an empty suitcase for bringing stuff back?
    When I went to Japan, I packed everything including the kitchen sink. My poor little Japanese friends… the boys almost broke their arms off at the sockets trying to move them for Me, lol. 🙂

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