2 days til takeoff

Yea! Only a few more days and then I’ll be in Spain for a week ~ today I"m wearing My white 2 yr old Ed Hardy kicks that stink to high heaven and by the time they get into shoebuyerslut’s greedy little paws I’ll be amazed if he’s not knocked out by the odeur… yucko.  This must be a popular week to visit Barcelona because I see that gemma will also be there~ too bad she can’t meet up w/sbs , Miss Kitty, and I for cocktails, but I am hoping to run into her somewhere at somepoint.. I admit, I’ve had a little fantasy of being at the Sagrada Familia and hearing a tiny whisper in My ear and the rustling sound of euros being shoved into My bag only to turn around and see gemma scurrying away flashing her gorgeous smile….

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