Greedy Gift Shop~ latest project

So my latest project has been working on the new GS site feature: The Gift Shop ~~When we added this feature to the site, it came preset with all sorts (literally thousands!!!) of crappy images… gifts that I knew NO one on this site would ever want to get in a million years!! hahahha! So, I made it my mission to wipe out the icky and add stuff for the picky!!!

There are two different levels in the Gift Shop~ you can send Goodies or Gifts.  Goodies are like little thoughts or greetings and Gifts are larger, more fabulous & higher end items that can be wrapped with your choice of paper (and they cost more)!  When you go to the Gift Shop you are automatically offered the option of sending a goodie and if you want to send a gift, instead, just click the Send Gifts tab on the menu bar above.

No matter if you are sending a goodie or gift, you have multiple choices of categories to select from the pull down menu~~ but of course, gifts have MORE choices~ like designer bags, fetish toys, cars, and more!  I’ve been spending alot of time choosing unique items that I know alot of our members (both Snobs AND admirers) will enjoy sending and receiving and I’m also interested in YOUR suggestions… so contact me if you have any! Admirers~ does your favorite Snob have a perfume or type of shoe or cocktail (etc etc) that she is craving? Contact me and let me know, I can add it!

There are also choices to send money and gift cards which are an adorable *virtual* way to let a Snob know that you’ve just sent her a lil *non virtual* something ~~ did you just send me an amazon gift card? Let me know by sending me a gift card from the Gift Shop and fill out the message box .  We Snobs love to get gifts ALL the time, as MANY as possible!!!

All gifts and goodies will appear on your profiles and you can also track them as well as what you’ve sent by clicking the My Goodies or the My Gifts menu tabs. Pay for gifts and goodies with your site points~ earn more points by being active on the site.  Points can also be used to purchase a featured spot or membership upgrade for yourself or your favorite Snob.
And in the meantime… Show some love for My wishlist

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