a matter of perspective…

So, jimmy has been a very good boy, keeping up his end of the deal by sending his crisp cash to Me every friday in a greeting card. I’m keeping all of the cards because they are just so funny. This most recent one was an explosion of purple, blue, & green butterflies & polkadots and a few pithy maxims such as: "You’re Amazing! Good Hearted! Always Giving! Kind Spirit! Warm and Caring! and Generous to a Fault!" and then on the inside it said: "and I’m so thankful to have you in my life"… well, that one just made Me crack up and the husband wanted to know what I was so busted up about, so I read the card aloud to him. That got him rolling ~~ he said, "YOU…generous??? and this is from a boy who is giving YOU money!". What a Hallmark moment, we should have filmed it and sent it in so they could use it as their new ad campaign. When I told little jimmy about it, he replied:
Isn’t it really a matter of perspective, Mistress Pinky Galore?
I feel that it was quite giving and very generous of You to come up with the "New Plan" for me. The fact that You cared enough to help me find "a little bit of order in my otherwise dreary life" shows that You are indeed of kind spirit, that You are good hearted, and are very giving. And I think that anyone who has interacted with You will agree that You’re truly amazing!

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  1. billyinc1

    Now that is interesting Miss Pinky but i think i know where he is coming from though. It is good that jimmy is taking care of things as he said he would follow through is always the key.
    Have a Good Weekend and Do Take Care.

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