A new experience for mouser

….the following task/post was written by @porkodorko as assigned by Moi…

I suppose this would come under the category of deepening my Pink addiction. Yesterday, Miss Pinky allowed me to treat myself to one of her Niteflirt recordings. Even after being infatuated with her for such a long time, I had never ventured into the category, but for some reason, on Friday night, I found myself reading the brilliant writing that she had posted as introductions to her various entries on NF. I found myself obsessing more than usual and couldn’t wait until the next morning to tell her how drawn I was to them. Knowing that letting me pay to listen to them would be just be “one more sleeper hold trap” to use her own words, she told me that after sending money to pay for another outing for her and a friend, she would let me treat myself by listening to her recording. After she thoroughly quizzed me on which one I would select, she instructed me to listen to it and write this blog describing the experience. I chose one of the recordings where her “velvet voice” is utilized to humiliate and insult the listener. She does it so well, as is to be expected, that I found myself paying rapt attention even as at one point she says that the fact that I’m still listening is another reason for a strong woman as herself to be disgusted with listeners like me. Even though I knew it was a recording that was made for many subs, I found myself struck by her words as though she was right next to me looming over my mouse like body with her larger than life, dominant, and controlling persona. After listening to the entire recording, I was compelled to leave feedback on the site which she kindly told me was done to her satisfaction. For the record, doing tasks in any way short of what Miss Pinky asks/demands is a sure way to get yourself verbally scolded and punished much more severely than that recording could even match. As she so correctly predicted, listening to her recording left me in such a state that I obsessed over her all night to the point of becoming somewhat selfish and wanting her to remind me of her dominance of me incessantly. She, of course, saw through this and gently reminded me to stop being selfish and get back to my assigned task. Thanks, Miss Pinky for letting me do this. I hope it meets your high standards.

added by Moi: porko was in SUCH a tizzy all day and night after listening to the recording, I probably could have gutted him and sucked out ALL of his savings, but being the generous Domme & owner that I am, I let the porcine little addict buy me a new purse & some nail polish, instead.

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  1. porkodorko

    As soon as I saw Miss Pinky’s tweet about the purse and polish, I was in a tizzy to make sure I was the one who paid for it. What a relief to find out that I was the winner.

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