A Question for Ladies (PSO, Domme, etc) Who Make Content…

I recently engaged in a debate with some Lady peers about a this topic and I’d like to get some more opinions, please!
For those of you who sell content (clips, tasks, photo sets, etc), would you be bothered to find a peer had purchased your content w/intent to use it for educational purposes (example: to see how you do things, maybe to learn a format or skill, etc) ? So, assuming your content would not be copied in any way, would you care if it was used as a learning tool?

If so, please share why. If not, please share why not.
Would it make a difference to you if the purchaser contacted you prior to purchase to alert you that their intent was to learn something (in lieu of just jerking off to it, lol) ?
Would you prefer to know or not know? Why/why not?

My opinion is this: Since I do not advertise any teaching services, nor am I looking to be a Mentor, I would prefer to not have my content purchased for such usage. Jerk off to it, hang it on your wall, or use it in training to become a better submissive or more strung out addict, but that’s about it. I do not want it used for to mentoring, even if silent and unaware.


  1. Vivian Martin

    While I do share this level of information, I like to choose with whom I share it. I would feel it is actually copying. It’s normal as an artist to be curious and glance at the work of peers, and I do, but I don’t spend too much time on their sites deliberately because I don’t want to be unconsciously influenced too much by their style. Someone going out of their way to actually *purchase* and study a particular work I feel is trying to take a shortcut and doesn’t have that integrity within themselves as an artist to seek their own voice and style. Help from my more established peers was (and continues to be) invaluable to me over the years and I do have a sense of “paying it forward” to newbies. I support other sex workers getting ahead and being empowered. But, just as I believed my peers shared their hard-won insight with me because they saw I was working hard and thinking for myself (and I was never pushy or entitled), I like to pass the insight on to newbies who come to the business with the right attitude of thinking for themselves and finding their own way. I have never secretly studied and lifted techniques from a peer- it would feel icky. If I needed help I asked publicly in a forum, made friendships organically w/ mutual sharing, or asked politely with a tribute to someone I already knew liked me. I would expect the same standards from someone less experienced looking to learn from me.

  2. Princess Sierra

    Oh whatever! When other Dommes or wannabee Dommes purchase your clips in the findom scene it is for ONE REASON. They don’t know what to say in their content and they are looking for ideas and material to copy and imitate. They want to imitate your work for their financial gain. They don’t know how to do this..because they don’t do it and need something to imitate. These gals will regurgitate everything you say…and you will not know because you won’t be paying to listen to their clips or watch their videos to witness them regurgitating your work and style. It takes a special kinda of newbie Domme to use this tactic–one that has NO shame. She’s so desperate for material, she doesn’t even care if she is caught looking for it.

    • pinky galore

      It’s not just newbs, though, the reason I posted this blog was because a non newb PSO mentioned the purchase of another PSO’s content for research and other PSOs were totally fine with it. I was surprised to hear that some found this acceptable, because I definitely do not, and most of my FinDomme peers probably feel the same… so is this a FinDomme thing? (not approviving)

  3. pinky galore

    That was pretty much my response, too, Jenny. I don’t want it done to me, and I would never think to do it, myself, so I really don’t get that line of thinking at all.

  4. What happened to respect in asking first? I find it fushy that whomever it may be would do this & say they had no other motive than for teaching purposes.
    If that was the case why not use her own content. I would be ape shit up walls if this was done without my permission.
    To me I consider it stealing… end of story!

    • pinky galore

      So, this was/is all hypothetical, just a topic up for discussion… I did bring up exactly what you mentioned, Nancy, the option to “ask first” because: “respect” and it while that wouldn’t necessarily prevent it from happening (the rebuttal was: someone could make a customer/alt account to make the purchase ), at least it gives the content creator the option to decide for themselves, right? Then, on the other hand, maybe I’m better off just not knowing about it… sucks either way, in my opinion.

  5. Candace Moon

    Idk. I think if I found out some chick was buying my content for learning purposes, I probably wouldn’t like it on some level. But what can be done about it? At least maybe she might learn something? Maybe gain her own inspiration and find her own style and voice.
    Years ago, I posted a clip and some brainless bimbo literally copy/pasted my description and filmed a clip exactly like mine, then had the balls to promote it….we followed each other, so I saw right away, same title and everything. I feel like using someone else’s clips as research material is not as bad as out and out thievery.

    • pinky galore

      I should clarify that no one is condoning copying of any kind, the topic was simply “purchasing for use as a learning tool” and I never really got into any detail on what that would actually entail, but definitely not theft 🙂

  6. pinky galore

    I think it’s natural to absorb things from the people you keep close to you who inspire you, but to seek someone out, to use them/their content (without asking them if they want to be used) as a teacher, I do not condone this.
    Having said that, I fully respect the opinions of my peers who do not have a problem with it, but please add me to the Do Not Buy List <3

  7. Datura DiVine

    No. No. No.

    I don’t want anyone learning anything from My content, to be honest! I think it’s enough that I’m on twitter, that I have a whole Niteflirt profile to read, and that My clip descriptions are public to other Dommes. Not that I think that *that* info is okay to ‘learn from’, but rather that it’s MORE than enough.

    As Jenny DeMilo said, a lot of hard work goes into establishing a brand and that branding sets you apart and makes you appeal in your own personal way. I consider My work to be tailor made to Me, it has nothing to do with anyone else! While we’re all doing the same thing *in general*, we all have our OWN thing, and that personal core shines through in the final product- the calls and content.

    You can learn how to be a good and safe Domme from google, but the flash, appeal, all of that? You don’t pick that up from someone. You just DON’T. That belongs to them.

    I personally am extra firm on this stance because I am very niche. Not to demean any Dommes out there, but some of us are more mainstream in our presentation than others. What I do is niche and not as easy to make money off of as some other approaches, and the way I made it work belongs to Me. I absolutely would not approve of someone ‘learning’ from and mimicking My content in any way!

    Furthermore, I think anyone who just caaaan’t respond to the market and who caaaan’t understand what these men want and how to appeal to them doesn’t need to be in this realm, anyway. The market’s saturated as it is, and I’m not into UNINTENTIONALLY spoonfeeding newbies and mediocre established Dommes with appeal that should come from within.

    I’ve had SO many instances of having My listings and My approach imitated and I NEVER enjoy it. And to top it off, it just makes no sense. I write and act the way I do because it’s the way I am. I’m Me. I learned how to profit off of being Me. Learn how to profit off of being YOU and don’t steal My shit. If I could I’d make it so only men could buy My content, personally.

    • pinky galore

      I agree 100% , you nailed it on the head. Anything technical should be readily available in “teaching tool” format via a quick google search. Everything else is personal and off limits.

  8. I know this is done and I agree to an extent with the person who said it can be done under stealth accounts and we’d never be the wiser – but if I *know* you’re doing it, you’ll be blocked immediately. The fact that they can do it secretly doesn’t mean it is really okay to do.

    I don’t go crazy paranoid worrying about it, but if I see you, I’m gonna do what I can to prevent it.

  9. Julie

    Everything created in life comes from learning about something similar that was created before it. All the billionaires studied previous success of someone else in their field, by paying money or time to study how the previous success was done. If I pay for something with money, then I should be able to use it to learn with if I choose to. I should be adult enough to not copy anything, but develop my own ideas based on my own personality, character, etc. I also should be adult enough to know if I did copy something, and then post it online, that the original artist will obviously find it. That would mean I would then forever be ruined.

    With all of that said, I think you should be proud if someone is looking up to you enough to give you their money to buy your content. I know I would. I don’t want to automatically think low of others when they are paying for something. You obviously would have the payment information too so I don’t see the issue here.

  10. @GoddessQueenB

    I came from a RT background and took a LONG hiatus after being through some rough stuff in NYC at the end of 2000. I recently came back to Domination but online only this time. Not having the physical side of exploring fetish as an option any longer was a downfall. However, I just had to pull up my big girl panties and learn fast how to do what I love, and make it work for me. I like CBT & CP but online humilation is a new realm altogether. I would never dare to steal content from another but I have curiously clicked on some profiles only to try to figure out layout. I SUCK @ html but am learning at a snails pace. And I wouldnt ever trust a “webdesign slave” Back on topic now lol, if someome bought a clip for the purpose to learn/copy I would have a BIG issue with it. Its taken me a long time to get back into it. I may be more open had they respectfully asked for help beforehand. But I doubt it.

  11. AngeliqueRaine

    I don’t make content as frequently as I used to but… For someone to deliberately use my content to “educate” themselves will ultimately leave them unfulfilled, since I only seek what makes me happy. It took years for me to figure out what that is, but that’s the ENTIRE point of living. A person who cuts corners won’t have the same experience in anything that I have because they didn’t put in the work that I have. I’ve had my share of failures and successes, and I cherish them no regrets because that’s what created me. Anyone can make an attempt to replicate a piece of art, but when the artist is the art there are no substitutes. Art is personal expression!

    The thing you should know about a second rate substitute, is you’re purposefully not giving yourself the benefit of your own creativity. You’re willingly hiding your own gifts in envy of someone else and endorse the idea that you, are not profitable. (That is to say if profit is your purpose.)

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