A theory on men who assume…

We’ve been hearing alot of buzz lately, more than ever, about some so called submissive men who have a hard time (no pun intended) comprehending the concept of a dominant woman being in a relationship with a non submissive partner and that we must all be putting on charades aka lying for the camera.

Yea, you heard me right… they think that all women secretly WANT be dominated by men.

Here is my theory~ I think these poor boys are confusing dominance with confidence and that THEY secretly want to be dominated by men!


While I do know alot of women who enjoy the company of submissive men in relationships, I am not one of them.  I like my men aggressive and confident, rugged, intelligent, and able to command a room ~ translation: I want an equal, someone who is confident with a dominant personality.  However, that doesn’t mean I want to be dominated by them, sexually or otherwise, or even that I want to dominate them sexually or otherwise.  As a married woman of 11 years, I enjoy the benefits of a relationship with someone whom I consider my equal, my other half.

Anyway, back to my theory~ the silly confused boys do not understand how to tell the difference between an alpha male and a fetish dominant because they consider them to be the SAME thing.  Why? Because these silly confused boys secretly long to be dominated by their alpha males.  Their fear is so primal, rooted in jealousy, that it misfires in their brains and comes out as a sexual turn on!  Their own homophobia tells them these feelings are wrong and that women must be lying! LOL

These boys are not confident, nor are they aggressive, they are weak and wimpy lumps of goo with gaping mouths and assholes that need to be plugged.  Just stop talking, idiots!

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