Your heart beats for me, your wallet throbs for ME.
I give you life, inspiration to succeed in your submission.
Are you a money slave? A financial fetishist?
A drive by doormat?
It doesn’t matter; you’re all the same.
Your desperate need for relief, acceptance, compulsive urges and desire to submit to ME.
Looking to be owned? On the prowl, slutting around?
It doesn’t matter to me. You’re all the same:
equal in your weak minds and transparent emotions.

Find out what it’s like to walk along the edge of reason.
Call me for erotic salvation and perverse encouragement.
I’m an ex Pro Domme with the heart of a Gold Digger.
I’m greedy, I’m snobby, & I’m unapologetic.
Lose your mind, your money, and your heart to a Superior Goddess. Get wounded by a woman in power!

My fetish interests include:
Financial DominationHumiliation ★ Sensual Domination ★ CuckoldMind Control ★ Body Worship ★ Verbal Abuse ★ CBT ★ Tease ★ Denial ★ BrainwashingForced ConfusionSmall Penis HumiliationGoddess Worship ★ Panty Boys ★ Exposure FetishExploitation Money Slave ★ Queening ★ Snobby Spoiled Brat ★ Chastity ★ Jerk Off Instruction ★ Edging ★ Forced Bi ★ Bimbo Sissy Training ★ Foot and Shoe Worship ★ Fag boys ★ Sissy Sluts ★ Paypigs ★ Chronic Masturbation ★ Obsessive Compulsive Behavior ★ Cocktease ★ Cruelty ★ Addiction Control ★ Degradation ★ Drone Training ★ Ego Destruction ★ Embarrassment ★ Forced Bi ★ High Heels ★ Home Wrecker ★ Humiliation Assignments ★ Mind Fuck ★ Loser Abuse ★ Orgasm ControlOrgasm DenialTedious Tasks

I thrive on sucking marrow from the bones of weak minded men. Feelings of warmth and safety will blind you from the stark realization that you’re trapped in my web of your own accord!
Plant your seed in my garden of greed while I watch my riches grow! Pinky LOVES money!