All About Steve

Every once in awhile one of you sillies catches my eye.  Sometimes it’s because you spend the most and other times it’s because you make me laugh the loudest… every once in awhile it’s both.  Last night I had a random caller on Niteflirt named steve.  Earlier in the evening, steve had purchased a few of my Negative Affirmation audio clips for a few bucks a piece.  Up until the point of his call,  I didn’t really think too much of him, he was just you know, whatevs.

However, once I heard him speak,  I knew within seconds that he was the kind of mush brain that I could really get off on using.  It’s too hard to explain, but if you’ve ever made that special sadistic kink connection with someone, then you know what I mean.  Anyway…

So steve calls me and I could hear the joy of desperation in his voice.  This neanderthal moron truly understood the pure selfless pleasure of financial humiliation.  After a few minutes I decided that we really should be having this conversation on my more expensive Financial Domination hotline.  It seemed more appropriate.  He enthusiastically agreed to hang up and call back.

Minutes later, he marveled at how easily I’d convinced him to do it.  I pointed out that it was all due to his very own stupidity and that I really didn’t have to lift a finger, now did I?  In fact, I didn’t even have to speak to him if I didn’t want to.  I could just sit back and collect his cash while he behaved like a nincompoop.  So that’s what I did. I made him spend the majority of the 15 min call at $7.77 per minute repeating over and over again, “I’m just a stupid potato head”.

Since last night steve has called many more times and purchased a few more PTVs and Goodies.  Each time he gets a different negative affirmation to chant for me.  He’s SO much fun! What an idiot!

Let’s see how long this ding-a-ling’s dumb luck financial streak will last!

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