Amazon GC issue/corrupted code problem

Has anyone ever had this issue? I experienced it for the first time recently…
A new sub purchased a few things of My wishlist and wanted to purchase an additional item that wouldn’t ship to My p.o. box so he offered to send a gc for Me to purchase the item and have shipped to My home address. No problem! He sent the gc (for quadruple the amount~ good boy!) and when the email from amazon arrived, I could not read it.. it was all in computer code craziness. Very strange. I sent a note to amazon’s customer service as well as a note to the sub. I received a form letter type response from amazon (asking Me to give them the claim code for the gc~ duh , if I had that I wouldn’t need to contact them!) and an apology email from the sub letting Me know he would resend the gc. Ok, round 2… I get a new gc from him and it’s still showing as corrupted. So now My natural instinct warning bells are going off ~ is this sub fucking w/Me? Are these fake emails? The headers were identical to other amazon gc alert emails, but , as we all know, those can be faked…sigh. So I enlist the assistance of a computer geek sub who tells Me that he’s 80% sure that the emails are fake as they are just too *off*. In the meantime, I cannot get in touch w/the sub who originally sent them. sigh. and amazon is still sending Me dumb form letters to fill out which are not helping. Finally it occurs to Me to test things Myself and I have another sub send Me a gc.. within seconds of that gc email arriving, I get a new email from amazon saying that it IS their fault and they are resending the gc themselves. Well guess what? The gc from the secondary sub arrived fine, totally normal, however, the copy gc that amazon sent was fucked up again! The 3rd time now! Ugh… sooooo fast forward to 7am this morning and I decide to just call amazon instead of deal w/their silly sporadic useless emails. It turns out that they have NO clue what’s going on and the fact that the other sub’s gc arrived fine proves it’s not an issue on MY end. So they had to manually insert the gc cash into My account. Problem solved…and the bonus is that the new sub’s integrity is intact, which I’m really happiest about, especially since we are due to have a session today. Has anyone else experienced this before?


  1. Anonymous

    That sounds really interesting. I’ve never had a problem when I’ve sent GC’s. Would it be possible for You to post a little of the code? By seeing it, it might be possible to see what the problem was (I’m a little geeky!)

    • misspinkygalore

      I tried to copy/paste it but I get this message from LJ and I’m too lazy to do a screenshot. ” *
      Bad Unicode Input
      Your browser sent some text which is not recognised as valid text in the UTF-8 encoding, as it should be. This might happen if you forced your browser to view the previous page in some other encoding rather than UTF-8. It may also indicate a bug in the browser. If you cannot get around this error, contact us.

  2. billyinc1

    Thanks for sharing that with us Miss Pinky; i had never heard of it happening. It is nice to know so someone does not think one is lying about tributing; ones integrity is very important to maintain.

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