An overeager worm tries to slip through a crack…AKA: What Not To Do

As soon as I turned on My yahoo light this morning~ with a message that says: Just Woke Up~ I get an IM from a name that seems familiar…

stephen.rodger is currently not in your Messenger List.
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You currently appear offline to Stephen Rodger.

Stephen Rodger: Hi Miss Pinky how are you xxx
pinky galore: lol are you the leather coat guy?  (lol, most of you will know whom I’m referring to here!)
Stephen Rodger: lol
Stephen Rodger: i dont want to disapomt Mistress  (actually, the spelling errors have already disappointed Me)
Stephen Rodger: but im not sure what you are talking about
pinky galore: hahahha then that’s good
Stephen Rodger: sorry
pinky galore: I’d prefer it if you are NOT that guy
Stephen Rodger: lol
Stephen Rodger: ok
pinky galore: ok, so before I go searching.. who are you?
Stephen Rodger: my name is stephen from Glasgow
Stephen Rodger: puppy1888 on mfds  (ahhh yes, but do I know the name from there or from yahoo… off to check message archives)
pinky galore: oh ok
pinky galore: hello pup, I know your name now
Stephen Rodger: thanks
Stephen Rodger: Mistress im looking to serve
Stephen Rodger: become a total slut
pinky galore: is that so?
Stephen Rodger: be mind fucked and blackmailed
pinky galore: mm hmmm  (not listening, sifting through My archives)
Stephen Rodger: can i give u any personal info about me
Stephen Rodger: or any passwords ?
pinky galore: can you not try to top from the bottom? jesus christ
Stephen Rodger: im so sorry
Stephen Rodger: i must seem to eager
Stephen Rodger: please forgive me Mistress
pinky galore: eager? no, it just makes you seem like an asshole
Stephen Rodger: yes Mistress
Stephen Rodger: how has your weekend been Mistress  (score! I"ve found a convo w/him from last month where he offered up his info (how accurate it was, I don’t know, never checked & don’t care) within minutes and it was such a huge turn off that he was ordered to immediately go tribute)
pinky galore: Stephen Rodger (11/16/2008 3:16:44 PM): is that how it works
pinky galore (11/16/2008 3:16:49 PM): yes, that’s how it works
Stephen Rodger (11/16/2008 3:17:00 PM): what do i do give u my credit card details x
pinky galore (11/16/2008 3:18:21 PM): no, you go to and send an online gift certificate to Me at in the amount of $100
pinky galore (11/16/2008 3:22:06 PM): ??  (4 minutes passing with no response was more than enough time for Me to close the chapter on this book and of course no tribute ever arrived.  I’ll donate another 10 seconds of My time to post a snippet of the convo to him and then it’s off to block him permanently.)
Stephen Rodger: lol
pinky galore: yea
pinky galore: stupid fucktard
pinky galore: go play with the little girls, I’m not interested in your dumbass games
So make a mental note asshats: 2 strikes and you’re out.


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