anyone want to claim this bitch?

Lol… got this gem of a message (subject line: “I want to tell my story) this morning. I don’t know the sender (giorgio w/email:, nor did I ask to hear his stupid mangled mess of a story, but lucky for me, it got cut off.. oopsie! Anyone want to claim this bitch? Yawwwwwn…..

“I want to tell my story some years ago, ‘I had a hypnosis session with a French mistress, now dead for breast cancer that lady knew, immediately, my submission to women finished, I did not feel any effect but the mistress, told me that he had imparted a phrase in my mind every time it pronounced, or even written, that sentence, I can not ‘help but obey every order of the person who uttered or wrote the phrase After two days, I get an email’s mistress with the phrase written in large letters something ‘clicked in me, I was subjugated, completely stunned by that phrase the second email would order me to send money, lots of money if I did, I received an email where he ordered me to kill me believe me, I felt inside me that I would have, I would have executed the order, and I would have killed I paid, I could not do otherwise the thing ‘duration 5 years I had to pay or die Now, although the mistress can not ‘more’ demanding anything, whenever accidentally read that sentence, are no longer ‘I”

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