Are you a loser?

Dear losers,

Yes, you are losers.  I don’t consider ALL men/subs/slaves/admirers to be losers, but those of you that swim in the sludge of the generic gene pool ARE losers.  You will forever be window lickers, on the outside looking in.  The bottom line is this: I do NOT own losers, I do NOT spend my precious time with them, and I certainly do NOT cater to their whims, wishes, and/or wants.  I don’t care how badly you want ME!

Don’t be a loser!

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Trust me, it will take you YEARS to earn the kind of attention required for me to take ownership of you and if you think that’s too long to wait, well then you’re NOT the kind of person to whom I’d want to claim ownership and you should leave… NOW.  See how simple that is? I’m practically letting YOU decide your fate!

Every day I am hounded with irritating questions from random idiots like these:

     Miss, will you put me in chastity? Miss, will you watch me do something stupid on cam? Miss, will you order me to do something that doesn’t require me to open my wallet but will result in me getting off? Miss, Miss, Miss, can I chat with you for a minute before I pay to call you?

Yea, THAT is not going to happen.  Ever.  Why not, you ask? Your attention whore antics are about as amusing as watching paint dry and the ONLY way to get my attention is to pay per minute, and even then… well, lol, you know…

Oh, are you still here? Mmmhmmm…

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I know, I know, you think that because you’ve been obsessing over me for a thousand endless days and nights, furiously jerking yourself into a frenzy, and pestering me with tweets and emails that I MUST feel the same way about you, right? Hahahahhahahahahahahha.. uh NO.  NOT at all.  Trust me when I tell you that I don’t care about you, I mean it.  ALL of it.  You are only as good as your last tribute.  Awww does that sound too harsh? If so, then you shouldn’t even be here reading this! GO AWAY, crawl under a rock, go back to a land where “no cost attention” from Dommes runs freely, because if you stay here, you will choke on your dried up tears.  You won’t get a drop from me.

Feeling thirsty, sweetie? Of course you are… here, take a drink.

My attention is like liquid gold, it’s priceless~ will you choke or go broke trying to drink it all in?  This is a deadly addiction… you are a shipwrecked sailor lost at sea, surrounded by nothing but an ocean of time and salt water.  My siren call will save you, I promise, here, place your lips on my Loving Cup, tilt your head back, and take a sip….

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