As If I Care….(about anything but the spoils)

A recent email exchange (posted in chronological order from top to bottom), notice there is no final word from me because by posting this here it will serve as an answer to his last message, a warning to others, and perhaps even a good ole eye-rolling giggle from my fellow FinDommes….
 I bought a series of strange items, but I thought you might have fun with some of them. Among them is a large jar of whole pickles, three cucumbers, a jalapeño, bamboo skewers,  and Louisiana hot sauce.”
You thought I’d have fun without $$$$ ???
“I know I know you asked me to be your owned slave and I disappeared….You’ll never get over it and I will always be paying for it….I just wish it wasn’t so.
To be brutally honest….I don’t think I’m really a slave, I mean I am in that I’ll do pretty much anything to please others, but I don’t necessarily like it….I crave it. It’s some drug that is part of me.
I’ve got a really good girl now, whom I love to death and I would never want to hurt or anything. We tried doing some Ds, but it’s not part of her personality, so i’ve tried to be good, but I end up craving this more and more. It gets to the point where i am willing to do more and more. I’m not sure why I’m telling you this, as i haven’t even addressed your original question, but I’m glad I did, even if you will never want anything to do with me ever. “
I don’t care about you. At all.
“I know Mistress….You shouldn’t, I am just a lowly crumb that strives for attention…I just like you and your personality….Not the typical stuff, I mean I like all that too, but I like your taste in music, your wordily view, your love of food…Did I mention I made banana cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream a few weeks ago….”
Translation: I thought… I know… I disappeared… I wish… i haven’t even addressed your original question…I am just a lowly crumb that strives for attention
There are 28 uses of I and/or me and only 11 you/your~ as if it wasn’t obvious he is only concerned about his own wants, needs, desires, and cravings.  The best part is saying I’ll never get over it.  As if.
Ironically, he just emailed again.. more of the same.. me me me w/out any Moi Moi Moi money.  I’ve decided to reply to him with a link to  @cearalynch ‘s blog post about Service Vs. Consumption because everyone deserves an education.
edited to add~ and this is his instantaneous reply, more sweet talking without any $ugar.
“I know I know, i’m basically topping from the bottom. However, with that being said, I don’t really want to eat 8,000 calories, but I know you like food and am trying to offer services for that which you would indulge. I do however know that by my simply suggesting it, it will not happen. I know what I am, and that is an attention whore plain and simple.”

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