ATM4Goddess = Busted!!!

UPDATE!!!  HAHAHHA omg what a fucking loser this fuckwad is! After I fired him, he naturally went off in search of another Mistress.. to be expected, and I could care less.. however, omg.. lol.. however, he posts blogs about the new girl and what he’s been posting are word for word blogs he posted about Me only a few short weeks ago… it’s hysterical, he has NO common sense.  So of course I alerted the new girl, who says she doesn’t care (go figure)… personally, no dollar amount is enough to buy My self respect, and I would never entertain the thought of having a slave who posts *form letter* style worship posts.. lol~ insert Domme name here… like Mad Libs!!!  And not to mention the fact that he’s one of the lowest tributing subs I’ve ever encountered… such a tightwad!

First I’d like to say to any of the Ladies who had the misfortune of chatting with My (now unowned) slave (ATM4Goddess) tonite in chat on : My apologies for bringing him to this site.  He had been punished by Me and for some ridiculous reason thought it would be ok to slut around… only to deny it when confronted.  I will not tolerate such disrespect and have fired him.  He has outstanding debts to Me~ but they are not worth My peace of mind.  I have much higher standards.  Here is our final chat from moments ago: (note how he refers to the other Dommes)

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pinky galore: hey
ATM 4Goddess: Yes Mistress?
pinky galore: anything you want to tell me?
ATM 4Goddess: no?
ATM 4Goddess: why?
pinky galore: do you think I’m stupid?
ATM 4Goddess: i give up
ATM 4Goddess: not psychic
pinky galore: they it must be you who is stupid
pinky galore: *then
ATM 4Goddess: i dont get it
pinky galore: I would like you to pay up your debt immediately~ an amazon gift certificate is fine
pinky galore: you don’t get it, huh?
ATM 4Goddess: whats up with the anythuing you want tyo tell me stuff?
pinky galore: offering everything you own to another mistress is ok in your book?
ATM 4Goddess: lol
ATM 4Goddess: pure BS
pinky galore: excuse me?
ATM 4Goddess: pure BS
pinky galore: what is bs?
ATM 4Goddess: first of al i dont know exactly what you are talking about..second of all its fun to tease sometimes
pinky galore: it’s fun to tease???
ATM 4Goddess: sure
pinky galore: I don’t find it fun at all
ATM 4Goddess: not you
ATM 4Goddess: silly brainless ones
pinky galore: I don’t find it fun when I’ve got other Dommes complaining to me that you, a collared slave, are causing trouble by chatting them up and not telling them you’re owned
ATM 4Goddess: hmmmmmm….well i guess that makes sense…but really some of these women are so dumb
ATM 4Goddess: they must think men are total idiots
pinky galore: we’
pinky galore: re
pinky galore: not talking about them
pinky galore: we’re talking about you
ATM 4Goddess: you were
ATM 4Goddess: “other dommes”
pinky galore: they are not the topic here
pinky galore: and you know it
pinky galore: what you did is incredibly disrespectful
ATM 4Goddess: eeeeeeek
pinky galore: I’m actually quite horrified
ATM 4Goddess: yikes
pinky galore: yikes?
pinky galore: that’s all you have to say?
ATM 4Goddess: well i understand what you are saying
ATM 4Goddess: but i must say this also
ATM 4Goddess: i didnt initiate ever
pinky galore: not the point~ your profile did not reflect that you are owned
ATM 4Goddess: and if they had a brain theywould ask some questions fiorst like some have
ATM 4Goddess: oh yes i know
pinky galore: so.. you were just there to *sort out* the dumb from the dumber?
ATM 4Goddess: exactly
pinky galore: riiiiiiiiiiiight
pinky galore: ok
pinky galore: pay your debt
ATM 4Goddess: i can pay it on friday as agreed before
pinky galore: I want it now
ATM 4Goddess: why today all of a sudden?
pinky galore: gee, I wonder!
ATM 4Goddess: no really i dont get it
pinky galore: I do not tolerate disrespect
ATM 4Goddess: what does that have to do with the debt
ATM 4Goddess: that was agreed to be paid on fridays?
pinky galore: FROM: ATM4Goddess
DATE: 23 Oct 2007, 10:22 pm
SUBJECTS: Spoil Me Fucker
I looked at your….awesome…id love to give it all up for you
ATM 4Goddess: oh hell i know
ATM 4Goddess: pure bs
ATM 4Goddess: dont you beleieve me?
ATM 4Goddess: i cant give up a damn dime
pinky galore: no I do not
pinky galore: not the point
ATM 4Goddess: sure it is
pinky galore: that makes you a double liar
ATM 4Goddess: nope
pinky galore: a backstabber
ATM 4Goddess: nah
pinky galore: a timewaster
pinky galore: you disgust me
ATM 4Goddess: sure if i never sent any money
ATM 4Goddess: fine
pinky galore: pay up
ATM 4Goddess: friday as agreed
pinky galore: you DO NOT call the shots
ATM 4Goddess: thats what i said i could do
pinky galore: GET IT OVER WITH NOW
ATM 4Goddess: sorry you feel that way
pinky galore: if you are so sorry, then pay up
ATM 4Goddess: i can send it fridayt and every friday after that..nor not
ATM 4Goddess: your choice Mistress
pinky galore: you have a credit card
pinky galore: use it
pinky galore: 3 days makes no difference
ATM 4Goddess: i can send it friday or not
pinky galore: you know what then? you can go fuck yourself. 
ATM 4Goddess: so i am officially fired it seeems?
pinky galore: exactlyU


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