Yes, I’m back. However, exactly one month from now I’ll be gone again.. on the plane from San Fran to Hong Kong. I feel like I’m vibrating, I’m so excited. I still have a million things to take care of , but I’m happy to say that almost all of My essentials have been taken care of (financially speaking)…woot! Those of you that want to pick up the tab on some frivolous spending can contact Me at and I think there are a few things left on My amazon list marked Vacation. My Ipod is chock full of goodies for the long ride and the thought of Myself traipsing through the temples of Angkor Wat while listening to everything from Foetus to ween is just too good to be true.


  1. goddessprey

    LOL – You are so stoked for this trip and so diligently taking care of all the bases that You MAY find yourself exhausted when the time comes to leave! You might need some pre-vacation relaxation!! Happy Friday.

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