Baking Brownies

Most of you know that I have a terrible *sweet tooth*~ namely for cupcakes… I’ve been craving them terribly for the past 2 days and keep forgetting to do something about it because I’ve been so damn busy…. anyway… I just came back from the local 7-11 store and they had zero to offer in the way of cupcakes or cake products~ not even cake mix!!! However, they DID have brownie mix…so I got that and a bunch of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups to put in the mix and now they are in the oven waiting to be baked and enter that wonderful glistening hole known as My mouth, lol….  Anyway…..this got Me thinking~ it’s been awhile since any of you humiliation dorks have done any bizarre food tasks for Me and I’m jonesing!!! Are there any takers out there???  Anyone willing to step up to the plate and take on one of My famous Pie Eating Contest challenges??? Or how about the garbage eaters and the cupcake fuckers??? Where are you all hiding??? Mmmm… I’ve got a recipe with your name on it.. get in touch!!!


    • misspinkygalore

      Put your ding-a-ling inside a Ring Ding
      ooooh apple pie as a sub for pumpkin.. that’s harsh.. how was it? I often crave lemon meringue and can never find it with mile high meringue the way I like it.

      • cashslave

        Re: Put your ding-a-ling inside a Ring Ding
        The Apple Pie was O.K. I went to a Publix, Winn Dixie and an Albertsons and no one has Pumpkin Pie yet. I may have to make my own.

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