Ball Crushers

It’s not uncommon for me to walk in on my husband doing something that I consider “weird”, and frankly, he’s such a creepy weirdo pervert so it happens a lot! This morning he made me really laugh~ so much so that I consider it blog worthy. I walked by his office and saw him in what looked almost like a ballet dancer’s pose.  That, in itself, is not that odd since he does Tai Chi every day (his buddies call it his “fag dance”) but I happened to notice that he was doing something different with his foot~ he was standing on a golf ball!  I shrieked at him, “what are you DOING???”


  He looked at me and smiled, “I’m massaging the bottom of my foot, it feels good! It gets rid of scar tissue.  Do you want to try it?”

I said nothing, I just stared back at him and waited for him to answer his own question.

We both started laughing at the same time as he started doing silly gay dance moves on the ball and blurted out in his best ultra queer lispy voice, “Oooooh that’thhhh right, you only like thtepping on men’thhhhh ballthhhh!”

Hahahhaha yes, it’s true and he knows it so well!

ps for all you wimpy cuckolds out there, my strong, athletic, uber masculine hubby has a wishlist, too!

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