Being yourself=success

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I wanted to post a lil excerpt from a convo I was having w/babytoddy who is very immature and scared all the time.  He adores Me, and here’s why…

toddy     yes i could really relax and be myself more better
pinky      I toally agree
pinky      It’s so important to *be yourself*
pinky      that’s why MY life is so GREAT
pinky      you know?
pinky      because I never have to hide anything
pinky      I just do what I want all the time!
toddy     yes You are really confident and that is so amazing

I don’t need to explain to the Snobs why *being yourself* is so important, but boys, you, too, should keep in mind that even though you may not always feel confident like we Snobs do, you should ALWAYS be confident in your feelings for your Domme.  Just *be yourself* for HER~ be confident that you are able to be the best possible servant you can be for her.  Trust Me, she will find that very attractive and actually want to have you closer to her, even if her idea of closer is at the end of her whip or under the toe of her boot.  Be grateful for ANY contact you get.  Be yourself, be happy that there is a woman in this world who understands you!  Your success at accomplishing this life task will , in turn, actually make your Domme MORE successful, too!!!  If she doesn’t have to constantly reassure you that all your silly issues like bedwetting, erectile dysfunction, and various perversions are not a deal breaker for her, then it’s Win/win for both of you !!!

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