blowing his wad

This morning I had a really fun session with jonas.  It was just he and I and a wad of pink bubblegum.  First I had him blow the biggest bubble he could and then try to pop it with his little meatwad… of course there was zero power in his ding dong and the bubble eventually deflated….

So then he had to wrap his meatwad in the mushy gum like swadding and I had him chew up some more gum ~ this time making a long stringy piece to wrap up his bundle like a corset.  Once he had it all nice and tight, (lol, not an easy task~ apparently swedish gum isn’t very strong), I told him that he had to make *cum gum*… yep.. he had to chew up yet more gum, cum in it,  and then chew it all up and blow more bubbles.  If you’ve never seen a boy try to jerk his wad while it’s covered in chewing gum, let Me tell you, it’s quite a sight~~ I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in awhile.

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