Boy Stuff

Hooray~ My new laptop is here! I”m on a brand spankin’ new 15″ MacBookPro and I am loving it!!! I’m still getting used to it~ it just arrived yesterday, but so far, it’s really really great~ thanks boys! hahahah! Lil sweetpea has been in and out of chastity, poor thing can’t seem to get the hang of it, but taking babysteps is the best he can do.  Honestly, I think I like all the back and forth.. teasing is too much fun and making a chastity boy cum and then feel guilty about it brings Me great joy.  Sissy penelope, My new bimbo,  was allowed to hear My hypnotic voice yesterday afternoon and I thought the poor old goat was going to have a heart attack from sheer ecstasy.  She will be taking boobie grow pills as soon as next week hopefully~ once she gets a damn p.o. box~ and then I’ll start whoring her ass out.

So, next sunday , Miss Pearl and Myself will be jetting up to NYC for a few days and I am soooo excited.  We will be meeting up w/sweetpea and another young (and sort of cutie) sissy, stockingsboi,  for some shopping and carousing.  We’ll be going to some fetish stores as well as boutiques, dept stores, etc and doing lots and lots of shopping.  The plan is to get those sissies wasted and see how far they will go w/each other… both are bi curious (duh of course) but total newbs.  I’m going to take them to one of My favorite old haunts in NYC~ a great sleazy gay bar called The Cock.  That should set the tone perfectly.  My GD card is over the 2k mark , but there is always room for more… keep the $$$…and coming.. and coming…
oh and lil jimmy’s first 2 installments on the Upping the Ante plan have arrived.. I need to take some pics of the cards.. they are precious.

Ok, off to play some more on My new toy!

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