budget restrictions: a good idea

The following essay was originally posted by My brainiac, jeffie, this morning.  His LJ is private, and while he’s written quite a few memorable posts for Me, I thought I’d repost this one in light of a conversation I had this morning with another sub and I felt it applied.  I may go into more detail about that later.  Jeffie is 25 and has been Under Consideration by Me for about a month now.  I have been slowly grooming him for long term financial servitude.

Since I have a little bit of time before I have to teach again this evening, so I thought I would post how much money I saved since my Mistress put me under tighter budget control.

Throughout the work week, I always ate out for lunch or dinner and ordered fancy drinks at Starbucks or Borders. I estimated that last week, since I’ve come under even more control, I saved about $55. This is about average for what I spend eating out per week.

I think that figure is clear evidence that my spending habits were utterly unruly and wasteful. I am thankful my Mistress now has greater control over my eating habits and social life because in the long run look how much money I will save that can be used to buy her beautiful and fun gifts!

Furthermore, I feel less stressed out. At the beginning of summer, I always had financial woes. At the school I teach at, most professors, except for the higher ranking ones, are on a 9-month, contracted salary. So, we only make money over the summer if we teach classes. I’m lucky my three classes did end up running, but still, money is tighter. However, I’m saving a lot more money now and I’m not up at night wondering if I’ll be able to pay my bills.

I have never experienced anything like this, and I was skeptical about this sort of servitude at first.  But this is all about trust, and the more I talk to and get to know my Mistress, the more I trust her. It makes it easier to give to her. Also, she is so experienced at this. I understand now that she knows what she’s doing, and she knows the benefit this will have overall. She is experienced and wise, thus making it easy to trust her, to let her control my budget, my social life, and probably whatever else she’ll want to control at some point.

So, this is yet another written tribute and thank you to her, though I’m not sure how much she needs it. She knows how awesome, smart, and beautiful she is. : )

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