Bursting it’s balloon.. DING!

No names will be mentioned here~ not because I want to protect the guilty, but because I see no reason to promote the crazy.  Many readers will know exactly whom I’m referring to, however…

Once upon a time a Domme was cruising around on xtube looking for sissy videos to force her slaveboy to jerk off to.  She found one in particular that intrigued her.  It featured a very pretty sissy in a tease and denial video.  The Domme contacted the sissy and a friendship began.  The sissy made a point to say “I promise not to get too clingy”.  (ding!)  The Domme gave the sissy a few pointers and suggested it (the keyword here is: IT) might find some interest in taking part in a new project that the Domme was working on: A phone sex hotline for sissy gurls.  It (the sissy) was eager to join and readily accepted the Domme’s plan for the sissy to perform live on cam doing the tease and denial it had portrayed in it’s videos.

During the following week, the Domme set up a blogsite for the sissy, a profile on the phone site, and granted it access to the exclusive findom site www.greedysnobs.com where it would be allowed to have a profile as a bratty sissy princess.  Mind you, the sissy was no stranger to the concept of financial domination~ it was a follower of many findommes on twitter and was quite enthusiastic about “making as much money as possible for you, ma’am”.  The Domme and the sissy had many chats and email exchanges regarding marketing, wishlists, and ideas for cam shows.  Yet, in the back of the Domme’s mind, she knew something was *off*.  The sissy was avoiding the Domme’s order regarding providing a phone number for contact on the phone site.  (ding!) And why did the sissy continuously post photos and videos that were out of date while trying to pass them off as new? (ding! ding!)  (Never ignore your instincts!)

Out of the blue, the sissy blurted out that it didn’t have a webcam. (DING!) The Domme was very angered by this, the deafening *dings!* and the overpowering scent of bullshit that was now wafting freely about.  She chastised the sissy and explained to it that it was not good business to be offering live cam shows by a sissy who doesn’t have a webcam.  The sissy claimed it didn’t have one because people might steal it’s images and had done so before (DING DING DING!!!). The Domme explained to the moron that the same held true for it’s pics and videos which were freely available on the interwebs and that if the sissy didn’t go on cam, then other people would assume that IT was not who it claimed to be.  The sissy agreed and insisted it would purchase one immediately.   The Domme then requested that the sissy make a quickie holiday video that she would use for promotion on the new phone site.  The sissy was instructed on what to wear (anything red) and to hold a handmade xmas card with the Domme’s name on it.  The sissy obviously had no clue that the Domme had spent many years cam verifying women for a findom site and was no stranger to picture thieves. The sissy agreed to have the video by the end of the week.

The end of the week came (we are now 2 weeks into this whirlwind of events) and the Domme inquired about her video.  The sissy got irate. (DING!) The sissy said “Making a video takes a lot of time Madam and not something i can just pull of a bag” (Dingity Ding Ding!).  The Domme reminded the sissy that it was IT who had suggested that the minute long video could be finished by the end of the week. The Domme then pulled out her final spear which she used to burst the sissy’s balloon of deceit….she offered the sissy the opportunity to do a custom photo in lieu of a video.  At this point, I think you can all guess what happened.  LOL.. yup~ no pic, either! The sissy had a hissy fit and cried ” I am not a cam slave i told you that Madam ..i am a private person you knew that”.  <~~~quote unquote from it who offered to do live cam shows and perform as a dancing dolly in lingerie on a pay per minute phone line as pimped out by Yours Truly.

So, that was the end of that.  I simply cannot endorse this *person* whatever it claims to be.  I immediately deleted it from both GreedySnobs and GreedySissies and erased all the content and effort I’d put into making it’s blog (I was kind enough to leave the shell for it to refill if it so desired, which it did~ it immediately filled it up with all the stale (stolen?) images that it keeps recycling.. who knows where they are from and how much of them are truly property of it and it’s fantasies.  It still continues to email and tweet to me, even though I’ve blocked it.  Poor thing.

LOL edited to add~ it’s still tweeting to me even though it’s blocked.. going on about some nonsense about spies.. lol, if I needed spywork done, would I ask a stupid sissy to do it? NO.  For anyone interested, I have PLENTY of screenshots as proof of what this moron professed.


  1. billy

    It is really a shame the sissy wasted so much of Your Valuable time Miss Pinky; it is simply one of the pitfalls of the Internet world. Liars are a pain in any area of ones relationships; the quicker one can recognize such people the better off one will be as You know.

  2. billy

    It is a shame that this sissy wasted so much of Your Valuable Time; if i should even call it a sissy is questionable. It is a shame that liars are not labeled so one can see them coming miles away.

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