checking in

hello ladies and germs!

Hope you all are enjoying this winter wonderland of a year so far~ in My neck of the woods right now everything is white and icy~ it’s simple gorgeous like a fairytale. I did pop down to spend a few days in Florida~ that was a nice break but it was even a tad bit chilly down there, well, by a Floridian’s standard, lol…

I haven’t planned My next big adventure yet~ it’s been put on the side burner at the moment. There are some very exciting happenings on My homefront (NO, I’m NOT pregnant, lol!!!~ everyone keeps asking Me that) and we (hubby and I) are waiting to see how things pan out before we plan an overseas get-a-way. Just keep this in mind~ for you cuckyboys that love to worship My husband as much as you do Me, you’ll have even more to be in awe of soon….. and that’s all I’ll say.

I want to say thank you again for everyone who took the time out to send Me messages of support and happy wishes during My time of need. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Back to travel… some of you may not know this, but I spend about 99.9% of all My cash tributes on travel. I do not pay bills with that money~ why not? I don’t need to! I live a pretty lavish lifestyle, I have no debts (other than house mortgage), and My bills are taken care of by the man that shares My bed. Gift certs are spent on luxury items for Myself, and sometimes hubby and other lady friends. Travel is My true love, it’s what makes ME the happiest~ I have a wanderlust that cannot be denied. I was just in Asia 2 years ago and I’m dying to go back… Asia and Eastern Europe are on the tops of My list right now. I know alot of you boys want to see My ass in your part of the world and you are welcome to make that happen by simply directing your paycheck into My lovely open hands. See? So easy, so natural, so right!!!

I’ve also started a new art project… My house is full of really cool things and I’m going to start a series of random still life pics… here is the 1st one titled "Pussy in Babeland"


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