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This is amusing on so many levels… if you don’t know the legend of jd cashdollar, ask around sometime when you’re really bored.  Ask anyone who had a findom related blog on LiveJournal or any member of MFDS or reader of womenrule’s old blog… (but don’t ask me).

I posted about the new info site I’d just made for GS as well as the new phoneline in one of the findom message board groups on yahoo the other day and we ( had our cherry popped! Not only have we had our first negative reviews, (2 in 2 days!) (both from men who’ve never even stepped foot on the site!), ~ we’ve had the honor of one of them coming from jd, himself! The one not posted was from that retard, mark, that everyone hates.  His comment was something to the effect that the site (GS) was stupid and fake because no one could get in.  Duh. Anyway, that wasn’t worth blogging about, but THIS is!…

In humanatm yahoogroup, “Mistress Pinky Galore” wrote:
> We have a swanky new site to show off our assets! Everything you always wanted to know about Greedy Women but were afraid to ask!
> Ladies, be greedy~ join our phonesite, CallGreedySnobs, and make $$$ ~ just fill out the operator application and be sure to add *Greedy* to your name!

Reply from cashlavejd:

No offense to Miss Pinky even though it likely is. We would rather look for financial dominants to come first. Who needs a greedy women? Greed is usually what gets people in a world of hurt. Like in the financial sector, greedy women usually end up in jail. To close for comfort for us when it comes to greediness and financial domination.

Financial Dominants come first. Big difference. Greed and Financial Domination do not have to come together.

As a critique of the site. From what I seen of the site other then maybe a few members did not seem to give me much of a good impression.


ooh and only a mere hour or so later he has chimed in again! Notice how he refers to himself as the TFDSJ~ wtf is that? The Financial Domination something something

We at the TFDSJ obviously do not accept the premise that financial domination is within the realm of the BDSM interest. So being that our premise that BDSM is best kept a far distance of financial domination, begs the question: Does greedy and snobbish behavior result in a good financial domination relationship experience?

The Greedy:

Our belief at the TFDSJ is that a true financial dominant is the type of personality that is usually frugal in her spending habits. A excellent financial manager of her own affairs. That means that she has a good level of control of her own personal financial affairs. in other words maintains good credit and lives within her means. That of course does not always mean a true financial dominant has no financial difficulty. We understand that some have good as well as bad financial times. For example years ago a financial dominant who was involved in real estate likely lived very prosperous. However, since the collapse of the real estate market in 2007-2009 many of those in the real estate profession suffered greatly. So a FD in that profession may have also suffered some financial drawbacks. The point is we believe a true financial dominant can relatively live within her means despite the economic fluctuations.

A true financial dominant is also level headed, and generally a happy and pleasant personality, thoughtful, decisive with at least some administrative and leadership/management potential.

So is greed a good thing within financial domination? We do not think so. Greed and snob behavior may be a good thing for those who live in the fantasy context world of financial domination to portray themselves as greedy. (Which some do). However, in reality, and in practice a greedy personality within the context of a financial domination relationship will simply in the end, result in a short lived false veneer of a true financial domination relationship. In other words we do not think a financial domination relationship with a greedy financial dominant will be able to maintain a true life long, or even a long term financial domination relationship. The personality of most men, (including submissive men) will not be able to accept, bear or desire for a lengthy period, such a woman. It is just a fact of life. And we at the TFDSJ live in the real.

What about Snobs?

Living in South Florida in an area of the ultra wealthy on Palm Beach, and in the Boca Raton area, we see greedy snobs first hand all the time. We see the way they act. They are a very mean spirited, hostile and impolite if not rude type of people. They complain constantly, leave a few dollars tip on a $100.00 order and then always try to get refunds on services after the service was rendered. We know the Greedy and the Snobs of this world. Trust me, Not a very nice person to be around. You do not want to be around them. Often they will make you sick. Want to know some of the better known greedy and snob personalities? We can give you names if you ask.

True financial domination requires a financial to well maintain her own affairs if she expects to maintain the affairs of others such as her slaves. She encourages and supports her slaves and expects them to produce for her benefit. That type of personality is not greedy or selfish or snobbish.

For those who portray themselves as financial dominants claiming to be greedy and snobs we doubt they really understand what a greedy and snobbish person is. However, then again, almost all of what is purported to be financial domination is in reality not financial domination. We would include the so called greedy and snobby claimed financial dominants in that 98% category.

However, if you are into fantasy in contrast to reality and that is your thing and interest go have it at. However, do not claim it to be true financial domination


Greedy and snobbish behavior is a not fitting personality for a true financial dominant.

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