Cockbrain wanted

I am currently seeking a sub to fill the position of *cockbrain*.  This sub must be an intellectual.  You must be skilled in the arts of conversation, knowledgable about the fine arts, travel, gourmet cooking, etc.  This sub must prove that he has a brain in both heads and knows how to use them in conjunction with each other.  If you think you have what it takes, send a $50 applicant fee via niteflirt  Buy from Mistress Pinky Galore through or amazon ( & more links are on My profile page if needed) and a 100 word essay on why you think you are the cockbrain who can serve Me the best.  Those who may not feel quite up to par in the education and or general intelligence departments are encouraged to apply only if willing to undergo severe mental training to raise their personal bars.  I do not fuck around.  This is not the time to play stupid, lol, leave that for the bimbos.


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