Cockwhore Angie is TOO FAT!

New Ice Cream Recipe for My fat slut


who doesn’t deserve normal dessert:


1 tub of fat free cool whip

1 jar of marischino cherries

Gobs of sissy dribble cum


Dribble your pathetic excuse for jizz into the Cool Whip tub as often as you can manage.  Keep Cool Whip in the freezer and defrost 20 minutes prior to eating.  While waiting for defrost do jumping jacks while wearing hot pink panties.  Do not stop until the 20 minutes are done.  Pour a few drops of cherry juice into the Cool Whip/Cum mixture and stir until a pretty shade of pink.

Serving size= 1 tablespoon (about 25 calories) of Ice Cream Cum and 1 cherry on top.

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