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I’ve been busy lately with in depth budget control training for brainiac and babytoddy~ brainiac is a new boy to Me, young and single and doesn’t have a big income while bt is an on again/off again longtime slave who has a nice income, a family, and alot of debt to sift through.  It’s quite interesting how the approach is the same for both.  I’ve been teaching both boys how to properly grocery shop~ using coupons, taking advantage of sales, and shopping at more than one store to increase savings.  For example~ bt does all the grocery shopping for his family and does it  primarily at Whole Foods , which can be quite expensive.  Well, this week he spent $130 less by purchasing some common items at Safeway instead.  Now who do you think gets that $130? That’s correct: Yours Truly.   Just this morning I cancelled all of bt’s online porn accounts~ what a waste of money! There is plenty of free porn for the taking and I don’t mind helping him find it, lol.  Again~ MORE for ME.  It’s worth a little time and effort to invest in corralling these boys into habitual budget control because in the long run, it will be Me who profits.  I am also now controlling bt’s bank accounts/bill paying/etc so that he doesn’t get further into debt~ that silly baby wasn’t paying bills on time and tons of interest was being tacked onto his accts~ eff that! I control it now and will not stand to see MY $ being wasted on retarded concepts like debt due to hight interest rates.  I personally have zero debt (other than home mortgage) and prefer it if My boys are not in debt either.  

I sent out 2 packages this week~ one to cocksucker angie and one to brainiac.  The one for angie was full of hand-me-down clothing and makeup including panties and lipgloss~ her faves.  I also included a  kidskin leather  corset laced wrist cuff that was custom made for Me about 15 years ago.  It’s black leather with a hand painted set of pink heart shaped cherries~ I no longer wear it so I gave it to angie to use as a ball cincher~ it’s too big for her sissy clit , of course.  Little brainiac got some stuff to add to the shrine he’s putting together for Me.  Included with some personal items was a sealed red envelope (never to be opened) containing a bit of a chipped tooth that I’d saved from a few years ago. Straight from My mouth to his hands.  Now brainiac has some hoodoo for his shrine.  It’s the little things that bring Me one step closer to total envelopment of their worlds. 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer, I know I am.

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