Controlling your CockBrain

Addiction comes in many forms, and for you, it’s a chronic masturbation habit. chroniccontrol This “Forced Confusion” braindrain mindfuck clip will be the last wank session of your life. The trigger training has begun and you’re already on the road to recovery! Your dick is confusing. It fucks you over. Learn to hate your dick. Your dick is BAD. Your dick MUST disappear. SHUN your dick! Your dick teases you into thinking about stuff you shouldn’t. Time to fix the problem, time to eliminate those intrusive thoughts and replace them with new ones! Turn your back on old habits once you realize the painful, disgusting, horrific truth of it all! Dick Disgust is the BEST cure for your chronic masturbation addiction and I can turn your cockbrain on and off like a lightswitch! chroniccontrol2 WARNING: this clip is NOT for the faint of heart! <~~ all the "good stuff" is not shown in preview! edited to add: for some reason the preview clip won't embed so here is a link

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