Deeper & Deeper

Pushing thoughts into your head… stroking your fetish… yes please…it’s a huge turn on for Me.  The following was written to Me this morning after I sent a pic of a panty clad ass to a boy who was instructed to wank to it.    Enjoy..

” yes those pics are hot, especially being served up by you knowing that stuff turns me on. So there is the sexiness of what i am looking at and there is the sexiness of you doing it to me to make me jerk off. so its a double deal. layering the fuck job. to layer it deeper and deeper

the panties are white or pastel nylon bikinis or fullbacks rolled down

she is fucking hot

her hips are wide so the panties stretch all the fucking timeand wrinkel and crease

her ass is deep and her ass crack is fucking beautiful so if she tugs the waistband just above her ass crack there is a crease down her ass crack and the panty left over her cheeks is less. then the wrinkles fuck.

she wore the panties all day, or sleeping, or during a work out, or during sex, and she doesn’t give a shit but that cranks the pherones to the fucking moon.

she makes fun of me teasing me with my need

she makes me jerk off looking at her pantied ass

then when my need is so fucking strong, when i can’t take it anymore and need to cum, she pushes her ass into my fucking face and knows that when i cum and her pantied ass is overwhelming me and “giving me what i want” to an extent i can’t fucking handle, then i am fucked for life. i have to fucking get more and more and more of her relentlessly. i can’t think of anything else.the beauty of her pantied ass is my sex life, it’s an art form, it both calms me and arouses me, there is jsut nothing else like it nothing in life.”

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