Diva Sissy Wanted

I am looking for a sissy (or sissies)~~ a particular kind of sissy~~ one who truly desires to look glamorous and act like a real diva and be proud of it … of course you’ll never be as fabulous as I am.  My goal would be to turn you out as a sissy superstar.. so, you MUST be willing to go public (at least in certain circles). No experience is required for this position, however, it would be helpful if you had some talent (singing, dancing, play an instrument other than the skinflute, lol !!!). I’m really excited to begin this project, so don’t be afraid, contact Me now and let’s unwrap your inner diva!!!  Yes, you must be willing to be exposed via pics and or videos posted on the internet.  Obviously you’ll also be making $$$ for MY profit only.


  1. Anonymous

    hi Mistress. I was wondering if you were still looking for someone to beome a sissy. i wear my mom’s clothes and would love to be taught how to be glamorous. please teach me.

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