Doll Fuckers

I watched a great documentary on BBC last night called: Love Me, Love My Doll  ~~ about a group of losers who fuck dolls.  Now, don’t get Me wrong, I think the Real Dolls are supremely crafted pieces of sex art, however, these fucktards treat their dolls as if the dolls were human~~ one guy even referred to *real human woman* as organic~ as in he did not feel he could get a date with an organic woman.  Omg, I was cracking up watching them put lipstick on their dolls… truly amazing, these mental miscarriages raised the bar on what it means to be a loser ~~Too bad I didn’t know in advance this show was on tv, I would have recorded it.. it was truly amazing.  These retards not only live this lifestyle, but they were proud of it and announced it to the world via the documentary!!! The Real Dolls cost upwards of $10,000~~ I think that those assholes should just give Me the money and chop their dicks off ~~ they’re of no use to REAL organic women!!! hahhahha!!!!!


  1. goddessgreed

    you think thats bad, what about the weird fucks that have sex with their pets..I once watched a documentary on these fucked up twats…who insisted its more a ‘love thing’ and natural…and one married his fuckin horse…wtf????

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