Extreme Humiliation Task For DumbDumb Birthday Boys

Birthday boys can treat themselves to one of my infamous extreme humiliation tasks! This one is so cute and gross, so fun and messy, you may want to do it more than just once a year! Make a wish and blow out your candles while I open your presents and eat all your cake! Fetishes include: humiliation, foodplay, general embarrassment, idiotic behavior, and making a fool of yourself for MY pleasure <3
I LOVE this testimonial from the boy who was not only the first to complete the task, but he was also the inspiration for it’s creation. You can all thank him! LOLOL. He also sent pics, but due to privacy issues, I won’t post them…
“That was easily the stupidest thing I have ever done. It was awful. The SURPRISE! kept falling out of my butt every time I moved around. The SURPRISE! were cold and sliding out of the hole in the SURPRISE!. The SURPRISE! made me gag the minute it was in my mouth on the stick of SURPRISE! and when i poured it on my head. the hot sauce in the SURPRISE! was tingly on my chest which was probably the least bad part about it. i had to keep telling myself “you are not better than this, you paid for this.”
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