Fetish Cannibalism

I am truly sick and tired of seeing kinksters attacking and eating each other.  I’m referring to people who are condemning others for their personal fetish choice, for “sinning differently” than they do.

I’m a financial Domme with a lot of kinks.  Some of which I’m open about and others that I am not.  I don’t share everything because (a) I’m selfish and (b) sometimes it’s none of your business and (c) some things taste better when they are secrets.

I’m not into medical play (just a random example), but I don’t go around slamming those who are.  I have nothing against it from an ethical standpoint, I just don’t care for the sight of blood.  There is no turn on there for me and if anything, it’s a turn off.  Do I care one way or the other about people who are turned on by it? Nope.

The topic of money makes many people uncomfortable, hence why it’s such a powerful entity (money, itself) and why it’s so fucking perfect for power exchange fetish play.  It’s the perfect tool, the most fun toy in the toybox, in my opinion.

I’ve been practicing the art of financial domination online for almost 6 years now and in my experiences and from what I’ve observed of others, I’ve concluded that the majority of people who share this interest also have other kinks.  Notice, I said majority.  In fact, I very rarely meet a kinkster who has only one kink.  There are plenty of fetish themed social networking sites, some are niche sites geared towards a specific fetish and others are a mixed bag.  Yet the sites that are not specifically deemed “Findom friendly” all tend to put those practicing it (Findom) in the corner with a distinct air of “I suppose we can tolerate you, but don’t try any funny business”.

It’s sad, very sad, that people who claim to celebrate being different are so quick to condemn those who are different in lieu of educating themselves and perhaps exploring why it bothers them so damn much.  Some claim it’s because “FinDommes will do anything for money!” and yet others say “FinDommes DON’T do anything for the money!”.  Why do you even care?

Sigh.. just leave me alone and stop chewing on my leg.  I know it’s tempting, but really consider this blog food for thought and stop trying to eat me and my friends.  I may be money hungry, but my kink is driven by sexual urges in the very same way yours are.  Has anyone with a _____ fetish ever been accused of having said fetish because they are a bad person trying to scam/trick/fool people who don’t have a ____fetish?  Yea, I didn’t think so.


  1. This is so true. i know on another femdom forum, the posters all trash financial domination and say its a scam and how dare i post there on it. Yet most of them are into eating shit and all. THAT is a true fetish. lol Everyone should be tolerant of all fetishes. i hate feet but still post tons of foot stuff in the Dose because i know there are so many footslaves.


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