FinDomme Musings: Sub-categories

“Miss, I’m so fucked up, please, help me! I have no control over my life.  Put me in a box and make sure I never ever ever get out!”

Ladies, we’ve all heard this one, right?

I don’t mind that, not one bit. Micromanage you? Yes, I don’t mind if i do~ that is, IF I find you fascinating enough. You’ll have to undergo some testing first.

What box do you belong in? There are many different ones, but let’s start with the 2 biggest, most common ones.

Some of you are genuine when you say such things (box me in, control me, own me), you are self aware enough to understand that you truly cannot help yourselves and without the proper control bestowed upon you by a woman such as myself, you’d most likely end up homeless and decrepit on the streets having spent your family’s fortune on whores and junk food.  Pathetic.

Just as pathetic, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, is the moneyslave who makes such claims but actually has zero intent to allow him/herself to be boxed in.  This type wants to wear the label of that box (Owned by ____), but does not want to actually stay in the box.  Some call this a fake moneyslave, but I disagree.  I don’t think this type of sub should be discounted, he/she just needs his/her own *sub category* under the moneyslave umbrella.

How do I determine what type you are? It’s easy!

I gently place you on a petri dish…some of you squirm a little at this point, but with a little stroking of my shiny instruments, you generally relax enough for me to dissect you, test your nerves, and raise the temperature to see how you fare.

If you completely dissolve into a pile of pink mush, then I know you are all mine to do with what I will. Perfect. My instinct to nurture you into being the perfect little lab rat kicks in.

If your blood starts spurting and spasm-ing all over like a scene from a horror movie then I know that you are *one of them*.  Toxic. My instinct to harm you goes full throttle.

Like nesting dolls, these boxes house other little boxes~ sub boxes, if you will. Sometimes I have to dismember you, chop you up into little pieces and drop you into separate boxes.  Brain in one box, penis in another!  Who is inside you, inside you, inside you? Which is the real you?  The one everyone sees or the one that I see after peeling away all those layers?  We’ll find out, won’t we!

Here is a great way to determine what sub category/box your moneyslave belongs in….

In my experience, no matter what walk of life the moneyslave comes from or how much expendable income he/she has, it will always fall into one of these three categories when presented with a tally of how much he/she has spent over a given amount of time.

1. A moneyslave who lusts to have this flaunted in his/her face because it thrills him/her into coughing up even more.  This type may leave from time to time to *replenish their supplies*, but they will always come crawling back because of their insatiable desire to please the recipient of their spoils.  This type often needs positive reinforcement, public displays of *affection*, and has a tendency to slut and/or spread himself/herself too thin at times.

2. A moneyslave who, when faced with the amount he/she has spent, becomes disgusted with himself, overwhelmed by personal feelings of guilt and negativity, and retreats when faced with the *horror* of what he/she has done.  In spite of the retreat, he/she will most always comes crawling back for more, at some point, because of their insatiable desire to feel such disgust for themselves. It becomes a pattern, habitual, and ritualistic.

3. A moneyslave who prefers to never acknowledge how much or how often he/she spoils because it prefers to remain blissfully ignorant of such *realities* and would rather focus on the tangible objects he/she has purchased, rather than the total cost. This type tends to be quite private and while it desires a deep emotional connection, it is self aware enough to understand that such a connection has a high price.  It is able to keep itself in check regarding the amounts it spends and never regurgitates any personal guilt or negative feelings onto the recipient of it’s spoils.

Do I prefer one over the others?

If I had to pick, I’d take #3, but at the end of the day, the currency is the same~ out of your pocket and into mine!

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