getting back in the saddle: realtime

So…I’ve been considering doing realtime again… it’s been 7 years ….I miss it.  I do have a particular slave in mind to start off with.  I’ve known him for about a year and we have a good connection.  We’re in the *discussion* stages now, but I feel fairly certain that this will happen within the next month or so.  He’s into shoe worship and verbal abuse, so that will keep it light.  I’m thinking we’d meet up at Starbucks  and he can buy Me coffee and a giftcard or hand Me some cash and I’ll allow him to sit next to Me and stare at My shoes while I drink My coffee.  Perhaps some verbal humiliation depending on how crowded it is… ahhh could be lots of fun!!!
EDITED TO ADD: Even though I’ve not had any realtime slaves in 7 years , I do manage to insert some format of bdsm into My daily life (aside from My online activities.  For example, just last week I was at work holding one of those flexible metal rulers….slapping My palm with it and looking around lasciviously~ one of the boys commented about the look on My face and I said to him, “Will you let Me slap your knuckles with this?” He replied, “What do I get out of it?” lol, cute… I moved on to the next boy.  I said,  “Can I slap behind your knee with this?” He replied, “How hard?”, to which I responded, “I’ll start you off slowly…”.  I had him stand up on a bench so his knees were at My waist level.  It was perfect.  I got him a total of 3 times and by the third time his face was bright red and there was a fabulous welt.  He hopped off the bench and squealed like a piglet but then looked up at Me with the most darling smile and said, “It wasn’t that bad, it was kinda cool”.  So, there you go….  I really need to remember to write about these tidbits more often…

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