Hands Free Humiliation

Omg you are so pathetic! Always falling into my sticky little traps! This time you’ve actually agreed to make a bet with me that I can’t make you cum without you touching yourself and jerking off.. well guess what, sucker? That’s ridiculous, because I totally can, AND Im gonna fuck you over while I’m at it! I’m going to tease your brain into a permanent condition to where you will never need to jerk off again, yet you’ll be squirting cum all over the place whenever you think of me, see me, or even just hear my voice! Literally, all you need is a taste of my sickeningly sweet laughter, cunningly cruel humiliation, negative affirmations, glaring looks, or snide sarcasm….and Voila! Shazaam! Look ma, no hands! Cum, cum, and more cum! Hahahhahah! Hysterical! but WAIT, I haven’t even told you the BEST part… each & every time you cum, you will be programmed to pay me $50! Ha! I’m getting rich off your orgasm addiction!

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This clip is full of mindwashing triggers, layered audio & visual effects, tease & denial, and, of course, my honey dripper voice. I do recommend you listen with headphones for the ultimate in erotic enjoyment. This $50 clip has the first $50 cum tax built in for you!

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