Head to Toe

I am quite thrilled to be able to offer my lil twinkie wannabe sub this opportunity to purchase a complete outfit: head to toe!

I’ve listed all the items on My amazon list *for twinkie*~

The outfit was inspired by these Tres Noir retro red cateye sunglasses that twinkie purchased last week and revolves around a red leopard print pencil skirt by Tripp and red retro pumps~~ I am absolutely in LOVE with their slightly curved heel and *diner vinyl* metalflake finish.


He has a few choices for red bras ~ I like them all, but I am being generous and allowing him to choose one (or all!), there is a pair of black backseam fishnet stockings, a red pair of panties, and a red leopard cardigan & a choice of two black tops.

He’s been warned that should any of these items sell out before he purchases them, they will be replaced and the penalty will be an added accessory to the outfit (jewelry, bag, etc).

I’m pleased to say that both the skirt and shoes as well as the fishnets were taken care of yesterday morning and I’m assuming the rest will follow suit~ unless he want’s to gamble play the risky game of: “Will they sell out? Will Mistress have to replace them with more expensive items and more accessories?”.  I win, either way! Fun!


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