Here Comes Peter Cottontail~ Holiday Humiliation

I love a good dose of *Holiday Humiliation*

So… remember the glammy retard sissy from v-day?… We had another holiday rendezvous~ an Easter Egg Hunt to be exact. I’d instructed the sissy to be dressed in her Easter best~ she wore a white mini tutu, a baby pink spandex top, a pink feather boa, white lace fingerless gloves, and white thigh high stockings and garter belt. She looked great w/the exception of black bra straps that stuck out from the tacky spandex top that reflected too much light and made her look fat, lol, which I repeatedly pointed out to her. She was also told to be wearing bunny ears which she spaced on. I’ll give her credit, though, she was crafty enough to make a pair, on the spot, out of paper that she tucked into her flower headband.
There will be pics soon.
Ok, so the task was for her to have an Easter basket ready with some bite size chocolate eggs and a bunch of those colored plastic eggs that you can fill up yourself. She had to , one by one, insert a chocolate egg into her asshole~ leave it for a few seconds~ remove~ place into a colored egg~ and then place into her Easter basket. At the last minute I thought it would be great if she sang the old song, *Here comes Peter Cottontail* but the retard didn’t know it ~lame~ but we did find a youtube video for it which ended up making for great background music.
The sissy was super horny so each egg that went up her ass made her coo and shimmy with pleasure. Gross. Pathetic. Yuck. Anyway, 10 eggs later and it was time for the next stage of the game. Sissy had to fill up another 10 eggs with *plain* chocolates… or bunny poops as I was now calling them… Once her basket was full of stuffed eggs she hopped around the room and hid her 19 eggs~ she was instructed to put #20 down her panties like a 3rd ball, lol.
Now it was time for her to collect the eggs back into the basket~ she put on quite a show, pretending to not remember where she’d hid them. I’d nearly doubled over with laughter from the combination of the site of this glammy retarded wanna be playboy bunny and the sound of the retarded guy singing the Peter Cottontail song over and over and over, but there was still so much more to come! I told sissy to choose 9 eggs~ it was time for dessert! Sissy had to crack open each egg and eat the chocolate inside~ yum! bunny poops!
My original intent was to have her crack them open like *normal* but she mentioned something about a rubber band and, instantly, the Sadist in Me shot right out. Your humiliation+ your pain= My pleasure. I had her place the rubber band around her "peter" and crack the eggs slingshot style onto useless baby carrot.

    OMG watching her writhe in pain was so much fun, ahhaha, the sounds she made were so precious! Hysterical. I was, however, kind enough to only make her open every other egg that way, so her stupid clit didn’t fall off. The last two were smashed against each tit and then it was time for the grand finale~~ the very last egg ~ the panty stuffer~her third ball…. that one, was to be cracked in a reverse upside-down slingshot to the balls! It was brilliant. That one knocked her backwards onto the floor, lol. Oh , and after she cracked each egg open, she had to eat the choco treat inside. Hearing her groan upon the realization that it was a shitty choco egg, lol, was music to My ears! Once all the eggs were eaten, poor lil peter cottontail was so red and sore, so I allowed sissy to give peter a massage. While she did that, I jeered her on with taunts of how I wanted to see peter spit out a big white bunny ear into the Easter basket and yes, of course, she was allowed to use some mushy choco eggs as lube! After all, what’s Easter without a shit covered dick?

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