holiday humiliation

Ok dingdongs.. it’s time for another holiday humiliation!!! Yes it IS that kind of party and you ARE going to put your dick in the mashed potatoes!!!

Shopping List:

1 bowl of mashed potatoes (about 4-6 servings worth & can be instant or hand mashed~ your choice)

1 piece of red ribbon about 6″ long

2 raisins

1 red life saver, red hot, or other small size red candy

Ok boys, you’re going to build Me a snowman! Scoop those taters out of the bowl and sculpt them onto your …ahem… north pole …… hahahhah! If you can manage to get 3 nice *balls* on your little weiner schnitzel, well, more power to ya! Once you’ve done that, use the raisins for the eyes and the red candy for the mouth. Tie the ribbon and choke that chicken… but before you do~ take a pic and send to Me.


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