HooDoo VooDoo

All righty~~ updates on My next trip…

Going to New Orleans in a few weeks for Halloween… it will be a jam packed weekend full of lust, gluttony, and greed.  I’ve got My tix for the Voodoo Music Fest where I’ll be seeing such awesomeness as: Ween, Jane’s Addiction, Parliament/Funkadelic, Flaming Lips, and Kiss !!! Thanks to a few certain someones from MFDS for making $360 worth of tix happen~ yep, that’s right: 2 tix at $180 each…one for Me, one for hubby.

cocksucker_angie is NOT allowed to see the bands ~ however, she will be made to wait outside the park for Me whilst I enjoy Myself.. I’m considering letting her hang out by the port-a-potties to try to make some extra cash…and that’s if the dum dum even ends up going~ she’s not even purchased a plane ticket yet… oh well! I’m all booked and that’s what matters.  I’ve got all that cunt’s hard earned cash on MY GD card ready to blow it all , lol just like she *blew* all the cocks to get it in the first place.

Yep, just a few more weeks until I’ll be doing the hoodoo with some gorgeous Dommes (lol My hubby is SOOOOO lucky!!!) and for anyone who wants to buy us drinks or dinner, you can contact Me directly to send GDs or Niteflirt tribs or where to send cash in the mail.


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