How to make a pillow piggie

Today’s assignment was an easy one for piggie… he was told to make himself a little love doll.. a girl friend.. a bedtime partner… basically, a pillow piggie.  He’d made himself a pig mask for his first assignment so I instructed him to put the mask on his pillow and then he was to put on some lipstick and kiss/make out with/mark up with lipstick prints the part of the pillow that would represent the genitals of his piggie girlfriend.  Well, it seems that piggie only had some blush (also left over from his first assignment) so I had to teach him how to make lipstick.  Here is the recipe for any of you other retards who don’t have lipstick when your Miss tells you that you need some for an assignment:
Ingredients: hand lotion, blush, bowl, spoon
     Just squirt some lotion into the bowl and then add the blush and stir together with the spoon until it gets tinted pink or red~ this is assuming all you have is powdered blush~ because if you had creme blush you certainly wouldn’t need to be doing this, retard.  Piggie is due to post pics of his new girl friend in the morning.  I cannot wait to see what the sow will look like!

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