I got these messages today from pecker who has been and on again off again cuckyslut for the past year, anyway the little fuckwad fucking never sent Me a Valentines gift and when called out on it he said, “Oh let me buy you something right now” which was then followed by him disappearing (how boring).  So it popped into My head the other day and I shot him an email which apparently shook him up.. ahhaha that little pecker must be as hard as a kernel of corn !!!
How did you find out my wifes name? Do you have my phone number??? I’ve really been strapped and totally wrapped up in work and busting my ass this year. I’m sorry for not buying you more, but it’s hard getting by on one income with kids and all. I don’t know what you want me to do. 
orry about the other day. I’ve really been strapped and working non-stop as you can see from me not being online very often anymore. I really can’t afford much right now and I know you’re really pissed at me. Let me know what I can do and I will try and do something. I’m sure you don’t have my home number, but don’t call my house. I have two daughters at home, and don’t need any drama started there. Me and my wife are doing better now than we ever have. Let me know what I have to do, to get off the hook with you. I still want to chat and buy you stuff when I can, but it’s been tough here lately. Hope to chat with you soon. Again I’m sorry for being such a ghost this year.

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