I hacked up some spam!

If any of you got some spam from me the other day~ sorry! My stupid yahoo email was hacked but hopefully it’s fixed now. Apparently I sent out a few great deals on Viagra! The comic relief part of all of this mess is that my stupid retarded sissy: cocksucker angie , didn’t realize it was spam and sent me a text asking what I wanted her to purchase!!! I don’t question her devotion to me but I do question her sanity sometimes….

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  1. toherwillibend

    I used to work at the State Department, and would email coworkers from my Yahoo account. It was, of course, hacked, but instead of sending ads for cheap Viagra, said hackers used my contacts to send out advertisements for gay porn sites.
    One morning, I got a call from my boss Dave asking why I was trying to sell him a membership to Leather Boys (or whatever the site was). I was at a complete loss until I realized what had happened. Try as I might to explain, I was known forever after as the shill for gay bondage sites. Good times, good times.

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