I Love To Sexualize Your Fears!

“LipsDick Triggers: Drone Programming & Slave Training for Working Stiffs” by Miss Pinky Galore. Prepare to enter my mysterious realm of Forced Confusion where you will be programmed by my honey dripper voice and shot up with my sticky pink triggers. Once they’re in, you can’t get them out! Like beautiful barbs, they’re much more painful when you play with them. You love my mouth, you’re addicted to my lips… but guess what? I’ve got news for you, boybot, you’re going to learn to love what I love…

Sexualizing your fears is SO much fun! Giving you a boner when and where you least expect it, OMG, how embarrassing for you! Look how red you’re getting! I know you thought you weren’t attracted to dicks, but ummmmm guess what??
My erotic hypnotic voice reassures you that it’s OK if you’re not gay… and, well, would I lie to you? This nearly 6 minute High Def clip stars myself and features guest appearances by my boytoy’s big dick.
Includes: layered audio, whisper tracks, forced bi, lip fetish, mouth fetish, lipstick fetish, goddess worship, dick worship, slave duties, financial fetish, forced confusion, brainwashing, and lots of MPG adoration training.
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