I smell delicious!

You may have noticed her fabulous banner ad on GreedySnobs ~ the one with the rosy cheeked pin up girl and over flowing bust? She belongs to the darling Margarita Bloom ,who, next to diamonds, is a girl’s best friend!  I finally placed my first order with her last week ~ after days worth of worry over what to order first! What’s a girl to do? So many yummy choices!

I eventualy decided to go 50% practical and 50% *just because*.  Since my old fave facial moisturizer had just run out (normally I use Rare Minerals~ Bare Escentuals),  I opted to try Margarita’s “Every Day Is A Holiday” facial moisturizer.  It was suggested for use after her “Paris in Spring” apple vinegar and aloe toner and since I’ve been a bad girl and not used toner in years, I thought I’d better get that, too, naturally!  They both smell amazing and feel incredible on my skin.

I also picked out the “Moon Goddess” perfume oil because it sounded amazing (white ginger and amber? yes please!) and definitely lives up to it’s name~~ although, I confess, I do not ONLY wear it when the moon is out 😉  yes, it’s true~ I have been asking men to sniff me.. just because! They all say… what IS that? I just wink and twirl and say, “wouldn’t YOU like to know!”

When I saw that Margarita offered pistachio scented lotion, I was sold immediately.  In case you didn’t know, I loooove nutty scents and I’ve never ever seen pistachio lotion, so I just HAD to try it! The Aphrodite’s Heaven Moisturizer collection is aptly named~ it’s robust with flavor but not so heavy that it becomes cloying.

Have I mentioned the packaging yet? I’m the type of girl that WILL purchase something just for the packaging~ these products not only smell and feel great, but they LOOK great~ the packaging is right up my alley~ a fab mixture of retro Hollywood glam and girly, flowery, pretty, dreamy stuff 🙂  Margarita was super sweet to include 3 yummy lip balms with my package and I’m impressed that I’ve not eaten the marshmallow one.. it’s THAT good.  You can find it in the Merry Kiss-mas collection~ I plan on trying ALL the flavors! The pistachio ice cream and pumpkin cheesecake are at the top of my list.

Now if I could just convince her to offer gift certificates…. For now, you can see what I’m currently lusting for on My Wishlist ~buy it all!

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