I went to bed snobby, and I woke up snobbier!!!

MissPinkyGalore: I went to bed snobby, and I woke up snobbier!!!

     I’m so happy to be a part of an exciting new community~ www.greedysnobs.com ~it’s a pet project with some fab lady friends and while the birthing process  has been long and grueling, it’s been worth every minute. I’ve learned a ridiculous amount about building a website ~ something I had zero knowledge in prior to engaging in this adventure.  
     If you haven’t already heard, Greedy Snobs is an exclusive ~ invitation only, paid membership only~ community for those interested in money related fetishes:  Dommes, subs, fetishists, kinky women, and pervert men.  We aren’t strictly a bdsm site, but we are strictly findom and while the site is closed to the public,  members are welcome to send out invites.  There are three
membership tiers~ peon, first class, and elite~ and all three levels have a victim option which we know is a sore spot for some of you… poke, poke.
  There are tons of amazing features on GS~ the ability to upload recordings, integrated Twitter and Facebook (you don’t even have to leave the site to post!), and My fave part~ the *Privacy Curtain* where you can shut out or let in whomever you want to view/hear/interact with your content.   Being a (dominant) female member (Snob) has benefits like advertising across the site and Elite members have access to video chat and video IM.  Tomorrow will be our one week anniversary of being *live* and we’ve already got some of the most interesting Ladies in the scene as members.
     If you were sent an invite and had trouble accessing the site, please let me know~ we had a few glitches at first but everything is silky smooth now.  

(Edited to add: the GreedySnobs social network is now defunct)

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