Idea for Money Transfers

I thought I’d share a new form of control I’ve recently utiilized with one of My boys.  He has his own GD card (wifey doesn’t know) into which he has an allotted amount of his paycheck direct deposited into the GD acct.  I took control over the GD acct by setting up the online access in My name with Me having sole access to it.  This doesn’t prevent him from using the card to make purchases, etc, but he cannot access anything online and he won’t spend w/out My permission first.  Anyway, GD allows you to set up automatic online billpay services for things like utility companties, etc, as well as individuals, like ME! So that’s what I did.  I tested it on Saturday night, set Myself up to be paid that Monday and a check arrived in My name on Wednesday.  Of course this only works if you have established a trusting relationship with the boy and you must be willing to share your personal info to some extent.  The next thing we want to do is transfer large sums from another bank account into the GD account for the purpose of My making sure his bills get paid on time as this boy is not very good at that and has, in the past, racked up way too many late payment charges and wastes alot of $ that should rightly be going to Me.  So, if I’m in charge of all that, everything will be paid on time and then I can skim the cream off the top.  Meow!

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