I’m bursting with excitement!!!!!!!

OMG I am SO excited!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve just been told that I’m flying to Dallas to see a Tom Waits concert (www.tomwaits.com) !!! Now, those of you who are fans know what a rare occasion it is to see this legend perform live~ and the tickets are super expensive! Some shows have sold out in minutes and are now being sold for up to $1000 a piece! So, here’s where you boys come in… My show tickets have been purchased but you can still pay for them~ I’ll need 2 boys to send $100 each or 1 boy can send $200. I also need to pay for airfare~ You can send gift certificates from www.southwest.com to mysoftpinkshoe@aol.com . Did I mention that I’m bursting with excitement??? I don’t think I”ll be able to sit still until then!~~the show is june 23, so you’ll all have to bear with my gushing for the next month, Ha!

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