jeffie is prissy

  jeffie is a glutton for humiliation… he’s been sniffing around Me for years now and he’ll dive in head first and then hit rock bottom and drown.. only to rise to the surface again like a bloated fish, belly up…. his mangled bits disintegrate into the ocean of sadness that I’ve created for him and he eventually begins the cycle all over again.

Like most sissies, jeffie will destroy his collection of pretty things and toys in between his bouts of madness so that when he’s feeling *himself* (or herself!) again, he has the excuse to shop for new and exciting pretty pretties.  Yesterday morning he was ordered to go to Hot Topic but upon arrival he discovered only males working and he freaked out and left.  He knows I like to talk to the salespeople sometimes while he’s shopping, so I guess it was just too early in the day for him to have that sort of gender assault humiliation.

The second choice was a discount department store~ Gabriel Bros.  where they are known to offer cheap and trashy lingerie.  I was not disappointed! I ordered him to find either a pink or red pair of panties (he found some cute lacy boyshorts) and then I wanted something in purple.  He found 2 pair and I had him ask the nearest female customer which pair SHE thought was cuter and that’s the one he would be allowed to buy.  She chose the purple thong.  We also picked out a black silky half slip and then I had him find a salesgirl to ask where he could find the hosiery.  He found my favorites! Black fishnet stockings!!!

I knew he would need some makeup, but that store has a crappy selection, so it was off to Rite Aid to purchase some goodies and a GD for ME.  Jeffie asked if there was specific brand of lipstick he should shop for and , duh, of course I told him: Wet & Wild!!!! THE brand for cheap and trashy whores!  I loved hearing him ask the old saleslady where he could find Wet & Wild lipstick and gloss.  She helped him find it and even suggested a particular shade of red.  I’m sure she probably thought it was for a halloween costume, but whatever….

Sooo… all day jeffie was tormenting himself with thoughts of what I was going to have him do on cam that night…. I never give away any secrets and I love making boys wait.  Finally, the time arrived and he was allowed to get on cam and model his new goodies.. first he put on the red panties with the black stockings over top.  Then he was allowed to put the slip on over top, but I decided it looked way better pulled up higher as a dress, don’t you agree?

I got tired of seeing him in the dress, so that came off and it was makeup time.  The red lipstick and gloss were smeared all over his lips and red hearts applied around his nipples like a true tart! Come and get it, boys!!! Jeffie loves the idea of being allowed to suck cock for Me, so I allowed him suck on a cherry lollipop instead (why give them what they want?).  I also had him put a kissy print on the back of his hand/girlfriend and I named her *prissy*~ quite appropriate.

Then I let him put his lavender thong on over top of the stockings and red panties.  He was SO excited to be wearing 2 pair of panties at once, but , being the dream crusher that I am… I ordered him to piss them.  He’s such a good puppy, he knows how to piss on cue and immediately he unleashed a torrent of pee.  The look on his face was priceless.. like I’d asked him to smash his new toy.  Waaaaghhhh 🙁

No worries jeffie, I know how to turn that frown upside down! Off with the thong and into your mouth~ gagged by your own pissy panties and you are allowed release (which took all of about 8 seconds.. no joke).  I enjoyed his crumpled facial expressions for another minute or two and suggested he remove the lolly from his mouth and dispose of it properly.  “I don’t know what you mean, Mistress”, he said….

“YES you do, jeffie, you know EXACTLY what I mean”, I hissed between clenched teeth… and of course he knew… what else would I want but for him to insert it where it most certainly does not belong.  After a few twirls where the “sun don’t shine” I asked him a very important question…

“jeffie, would you rather finish eating the lollipop or get Me a GD for $200 ?”

He chose the GD (which, of course, is EXACTLY what I wanted him to do) but I couldn’t let it go without mindfucking him into thinking that he’d disappointed Me by NOT choosing the other option.  Duh.  Then I sent him to his doggybed to sleep the night away gagged with his own pissy panties.

This morning I got My GD and he got to purchase diapers and a sippy cup… stay tuned.

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